About Us

Iron Range Capital Partners is an independent private equity firm. We focus on partnering with strong management teams to execute on a growth strategy and leverage our network of operating partners and resources to drive significant value creation by adding to the existing management team or at the board level. Our model is one of capitalizing companies with a strong balance sheet so that the focus can be on strategy development and implementation, and value creation rather than financial constraints.  For more information on our Management Team click here.

Through our experience investing in the lower middle market for over 15 years, we have developed an investment strategy that is collaborative with our management teams and provides thoughtful resources that we believe will result in a better working relationship and partnership, which ultimately lead to more robust growth and increased equity value. To learn more about our Investment Strategy click here.

 In order to build the right partnership with our management teams and selling shareholders, we start with a transparent and honest approach to investing in companies. Throughout our investment period, we operate with the utmost integrity and treat all involved with respect and trust. If you have a situation that fits the above, we would be delighted to have a conversation with you about how we might partner together. For more details on our Investment Criteria click here.