Through our experience investing in the lower middle market for the past 15 years, we have developed an approach to investing that centers around four primary investment tenets:


By following a disciplined investment approach focused on these tenets, we are able to foster a seamless ownership transition and position the investment for growth and increased equity value.

As part of this disciplined investment approach, we are always focused on making businesses more valuable. While each opportunity is unique and may have different investment merits and risk factors, there are several common areas where we can apply our knowledge and experience to greatly improve the business. These include:

  • Improve financial reporting and manage more effectively with better metrics and information.
  • Invest in infrastructure to position company for growth
  • Mentor, challenge and reward the management team and employee base
  • Evaluate and attract superior management talent as needed
  • Improve operations to increase margins and capacity and lower working capital needs
  • Develop and implement strategic planning to manage risk and accelerate growth
  • Originate, evaluate and acquire add-ons that materially improve enterprise value
  • Manage and optimize the capital structure